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Temple District / Re: Attend the flock
« Last post by Ailish Argall on November 19, 2012, 08:57:21 AM »
That Ailish has only been watched and not helped, doesn't surprise her.  She's an entertainment to many in Myrica, courtiers and priestesses alike.  Ailla is far more accustomed to it than Ailish, but fortunately, being the internal person that she is, other than a slight tenseness in the shoulders, there is little to say she's nervous.

She heard the one priestess talk about Ailish's possible conversion, and the comment does earn a slight crinkle of the forehead.  Is that what they expect of her?

Fortunately, the arrival of Jael saves her from further staring.  "Thank you, Priestess," unlike Jael, though the Ailish finds her a little cold toward her, there isn't any reason for dislike.
Temple District / Re: Attend the flock
« Last post by Jael on November 18, 2012, 02:20:31 PM »
The tittering whispers of the other priestesses distracted her from her thoughts long enough to note the unusual cadence in the secrets. A new arrival. The Duchesses wife. Perhaps she had come to convert. The last one made Jael long to roll her eyes at the stupidity of it. Ailish was very much a religious person, one with her own form of prayer and guidance, and very firm in her beliefs. That she would wish to convert was beyond ridiculous as far as ideas went and Jael doubted Aillia would want her to ever change to that degree, whether or not they were getting along at the moment.

Jael, for a brief second, contemplated leaving Ailish to the others, except her conscience would never leave her be if she did.

"My Lady Ailish," Jael said, coming to the main entrance to the temple and sweeping past those who seemed too busy gossiping to go forth and help. "Welcome."

Because she was welcome here, as all were, even when it appeared no one had come to her aid yet.
Temple District / Re: Attend the flock
« Last post by Ailish Argall on October 03, 2012, 11:18:27 AM »
To say her marriage started off on an unsure footing would be an understatement.  As it stands, things still aren't right between them, but that doesn't mean Ailish isn't trying to figure things out.  She hopes, desperately, that understanding Aillia's religion will add a further understanding of the woman.  She's not immersed in the common religion.  It's not due to intolerance, more a lack of exposure.

Thus, she stands at the doors of the temple, uncertain if there are certain rituals she should perform, and feeling the prying eyes of what she thinks are the temple elders.
Temple District / Attend the flock
« Last post by Jael on October 03, 2012, 10:10:18 AM »
It was growing more and more difficult to find solace in prayer. The silence that once served as a balm gave Jael too much time alone with her thoughts. As chaotic as they were, she needed a different type of distraction to keep those private musings at bay for a more worthy moment. Prayer was not that moment. Prayer was a time to give thanks for life's greatest experiences and seek guidance for your needs. Wants had no place amongst them. She finished in silence, reflexively moving through the closing motions before standing and dousing the candles she had lit. She bathed her hands in the shallow pool and then left the tiny enclosure.

The sun streaming through the high windows of the temple was almost blinding after the hour alone in the dimly lit room. She had once hoped the adjustment would come easier with age and experience, now she struggled through it and tried not to grimace.

She had no one to counsel today, which was as much of a relief as an annoyance, leaving her to brood and pace about like a caged animal. She needed to get out, but that would mean seeing if Aillia needed her for anything and she dreaded finding out the answer was no.

It would make for a long day.
Voss - Argall Wedding / Re: Healing Hurts
« Last post by Ailla Voss on August 20, 2012, 06:07:46 AM »
'Why wouldn't she? If she hates me she has little left to lose. How Mel thought someone who would fall for me would be a good idea, I can't even begin to understand...' which was really poking fun at her own self admitted inability to be good enough to earn such love without ruining the persons who give it to her.

'I don't hate easily. But this was not my choice, and I know I made Mel make it but there's no way I could have made a choice the Queens would agree with and you know it. Ailish knew that this was an arrangement, I didn't trap her in a web, she walked merrily into it. I don't hate her. There is nothing about her to hate, but I do not think I can be who she needs in a wife. And I hate myself. And I don't know what I did wrong and I can't fix what I don't understand... and I need to get changed and go back, don't I?'
Noble District / Re: come at me bro
« Last post by Torin Pike on August 20, 2012, 05:58:35 AM »
'Then I suppose it is a happy day, in a round about sort of way, provided she's as good as your heart and something much more southern aren't mislead by her charms.' he's teasing now, as much as hoping that Tam is right. Tan had been wrong before about women, a few times, but then he'd never looked this certain, either.

'What of her bride? Does she seem to like you?'
Noble District / Re: Jitters
« Last post by Ailla Voss on August 20, 2012, 05:51:09 AM »
'...Is there anything I can do? We will get them back for you. I swear.' That switched her right to Dutchess mode, she could pull strings like a puppet master if she had too, if she wanted too. And she could grab her cousins where it hurt if they wouldn't help, too, should she need their help. 'I'm so sorry.' she adds, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his lips. 'But we will get them back, safe and sound.'
Voss - Argall Wedding / Re: I see you standing there
« Last post by Ailish Argall on August 17, 2012, 02:01:30 PM »
Ailish looks confused.  "Why should your removal prevent rumours?" There is not reason.  On the other hand, perhaps others might say they didn't treat him as well as they should have.

"You could've had the admiration of everyone at court."  Unlike Tamus, Ailish does need to keep thinking of the dance steps, so her conversation is a little stilted.

"I'm sure everyone's rather impressed by you, given the circumstances."  She has absolutely no idea how her discussion on his heroism, could be taken by someone having an entirely different conversation.
Voss - Argall Wedding / Re: I see you standing there
« Last post by Tamus Goldwyne on August 17, 2012, 04:41:25 AM »
This dance is simple, in that multiple partners will not be required. Though the steps are somewhat fanciful and practiced, Tamus is able to turn his attention to conversation easily, as he has practiced such a dance many times before.

"I thought it wise to remove myself from the castle, for the time being." He offers this information freely, having an assumption that his dance partner will also have knowledge of the blossoming agreement between himself and the first Duchess.

"It is not normally my habit to cater to rumor mongers, but preventing a few tongues from wagging with such a simple move is not below my dignity." Tamus offers a small, warm, smile.
Voss - Argall Wedding / Re: Time for the feast.
« Last post by Ailish Argall on August 11, 2012, 01:01:02 PM »
Questions sit at the edge of her teeth: how can Ailla see her as an equal when Ailla deems her a child?  Actions such as how?  Not giving the show someone clearly wanted over the tapestry?  Doing what she thought was right after the assassination?  Staying at this reception, trying to smile, when Ailla's done all but abandon her at the first sign of defiance?

She's not going to be particularly skilled at hiding her feelings, here, as she's feeling more off-balance than usual.  Being walked out on at her own reception, is enough to throw anyone off, but now she's in a room filled with those who have no idea who she is.  It's not a surprise, given Ailla doesn't seem to know who Ailish is either.  "You have both asked the question and answered it for me.  I am to help with everything.  I have never said, nor acted otherwise, but how would you suggest I do that?"  If Lady Banik is no longer any help, and she can't trust Ailla to give her a proper answer, Ailish makes what is likely her biggest mistake: turning to the one person who might tell her something.

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