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Topics - Ailish Argall

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Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Cold hands and feet
« on: July 18, 2012, 02:37:21 PM »
The morning's fight was not one Ailish could miss.  She doesn't know the specifics, and as much as she wanted to, she didn't want to hear what little she did, but, try as she might, she cannot close her ears.  It was the yelp that had awoken her.  Years of waking at dawn to see to chores, meant Ailish rarely slept deeply, once the sun was up.

Very little sound comes through between the Duchess's room and her own private chamber, but raised voices can be heard, as can the opening and closing of doors.  She cannot know if for certain, and doesn't want to believe that Ailla didn't spend her last night unwed in her own chamber but not knowing or wanting to believe, doesn't eliminate suspicion. 

If it was Lady Banik who entered, then the first concern is gone, but the second remains: Ailla, dreads being married. 

There was a moment, a brief one, where Ailish considered knocking on the door in between the rooms.  As much as Ailla has assured her access, it doesn't feel right entering without some warning.  So while she stands there, uncertain as whether or not to knock, or not, she hears the word you picked her, as an accusation, and child who loves me and the trees, and the breaking of a mirror.

It is not a lot to go on, but it is more than enough.  She's not a fool, though those at court think that.  She's not one of those groomed for court since birth, but even those who are break mirrors at the idea of her duty.  Ailish didn't expect Ailla to love her.  Something like that is won over time, and intimacy, but even an arranged marriage, where they've had the time to get to know one another, she'd hope Ailla would like her.  Such vehement protests tell Ailish that all the time she's spent getting to know her future wife, she's been met with someone else entirely.

Her second mother warned her this could happen.  She had little use for the machinations of court, but an arranged marriage is what Ailish always expected, and that is exactly what she's getting.  She had let hope get in the way of looking at the true nature of things, and, like with many corrections, they are swiftly made, though difficult to live with. 

Prayers are first.  Should Ailla wish, even at the last minute, to call off the wedding, Ailish will accept it.  There is no point in fighting such a decision, for that would be fighting a hurricane.  Thus, she expects, even as her mother and a handmaiden fix her hair, for a discreet note to be sent.  There's even the rather rational worry of Kalad's ability to make the long journey home, should it be needed.  Yet that message does not arrive.  Finally, asking for a few moments on her own, she waits, and then leaves the chambers in which she has been sleeping, in search of someone. 

It does not take long, to find her: the small, private space Ailla affords herself means finding those within it, a simple process, usually. Ailish's voice is clear, and calm, when she finally says, "Lady Banik?"

Myrica Castle / [Private] A place where I can hide
« on: June 28, 2012, 10:16:32 AM »
Sitting in the garden, Ailish is terribly homesick.  The anger from Ailla this morning distresses the tiny blond, and she's picked a small flower bed, to scrabble up the dirt, and pull out a few weeds.  It's  not exactly neglected, but it's far enough out of the way to be missed.  Up until this morning, that's the same way Ailish felt about her comings and goings from the castle.

This morning has changed that.  It changed what she thought was her right, and how Ailla deals with her anger.  She's not entirely sure if she'll even be allowed out of the castle.  For the first time since her arrival, Ailish wishes to return home.  She won't voice it, but it sits heavy on her chest, like it's stopping her from taking a full breath.

Myrica Castle / [Open] An early morning errand
« on: June 27, 2012, 01:48:18 PM »
Ailish didn't ask anyone.  Her comings and goings seem to have not caused even the slightest stir, when not with the Duchess.  Ailish finds herself rather invisible, as if no one recognizes her when not with Ailla.  She nods good morning to the few who make eye contact, but otherwise, doesn't interrupt their daily routine.  She' not dressed in any of her newer clothes.  In fact, the dress she's wearing she made herself.  It's pretty enough, but nothing like the fine gowns of even the lowliest noble at court.  Over it, is a brown cape for travel, and quickly slips out one of the more private exits: one not available to most in Myrica Castle.

Her purpose is clear, though her trip not as quick as she would like.  Still unused to the city, she takes two wrong turns, before finding herself in the right street.  Most of the damage that would stop traffic has been cleared, but some of the shopkeepers are out, sweeping up broken glass.  There aren't any patrons.  No one will open today for business.  The dress shop she goes to first, and has a talk with the wife of the shopkeeper.  There is a moment or two before the woman even recognizes her. 

Without even thinking about it, as the woman sweeps, Ailish disposes of the collected glass. Such simple work is easy, and normal for her. They talk of their families, of the shop and how long it's been here.  When the youngest son of the family runs down, with a fresh bucket of water, Ailish is reminded of her own young brother.  Considering the reasoning of her return, the visit is a pleasant one.  Apologies are made, bread is broken, and restitution.  She leaves with the seamstress's wife a small pouch of money -- enough to replace the window that was broken.  The money is some of the little she brought with her, and the pouch a small one with the Argall crest on it. 

Pleased with her morning's work, Ailish returns to the palace, in a peaceful mood, and with unfortunately dusty clothes, and hands that need scrubbing.  That's her plan upon her entrance, that is, if she makes it to her rooms first.  She has been gone for several hours.

Myrica Castle / [Open] What to get the person who has everything
« on: June 24, 2012, 06:12:47 AM »
Ailish has kept to herself over the past couple of days.  It's as much she needed a break from the constant nitpicking and judging that comes with the eyes, and jealousies of court, as it is just seeking some quiet. She doubts her home has this much noise in a year, as the castle does in the time since her arrival. 

As she's never one to not be busy, or useful in some way, today she's itemizing things, a lot of things, stuff, and some rather cheeky items.   Everyone in Myrica seems to be trying to curry favour with the Duchess by sending more presents than several castles could use in several dynasties.  Then again, that is Ailish's opinion on things, though she's been gracious with the arrival of each new thing.

Each gift, she's recording: giver, item, description, since there are plenty of similar gifts.  For instance, there have been 5 decorative screens given.  Four feature the expected, Voss crests, nature scenes, etc., but one has a rather racy scene of a beautiful redheaded woman in the middle of a tryst, with two other equally as beautiful women.  Ailish believes it's both an insult, and a way to undermine her position, but she didn't blink twice at its arrival.  If the sender expected a reaction, they didn't get one.  Then again, it's not the only sexually-explicit gift to be delivered. She records the details, as she would the plain dresser, sent by one of the families nearer Ailish's home. 

Ailish prefers the dresser.  The screen is beautiful, and titillating, but the dresser's been made to look simple, but only on the outside.  Hand-crafted, there are three hidden compartments, all extremely hard to find.  In one of them, she found a note offering her a way to keep at least some things private.

Sitting at a gifted table, she's on her third piece of velum. On the first piece is furniture, the second, decorations, the third, everything else. Her handwriting is neat and basic, none of the flourishes that may come from years of fine education. 

Outside of Myrica and Elsewhere / The search for stability. (Open)
« on: May 22, 2012, 11:29:56 AM »
Ailish is still feeling rather out of place: and is beginning to wonder if she can ever see this new city as her home, or just the place she's come to be married.  Even more disappointing is how she's only received correspondence from two of her family: her little brother, and birth mother. She can't express why that bothers her; she doesn't want to add to Ailla's worries.  As Duchess, the woman has more than enough to do, than listen to Ailish complain of a lack of letters. 

She doesn't ask to leave the castle, she just does.  Whether or not anyone is following her, she doesn't know, nor will she assume anyone's noticed her disappearance.  Instead, with a small potted flower, she's making her way to a Shain Altar.  There wouldn't be one within the city walls, but she supposes she will have to attend the main temple, at some time, to see if there is some temporary measure that could be taken.

It's a longer walk than she expected to the closest altar to the palace.  It is a warm day, so she feels the hair at the back of her neck feel a little damp, but her dress -- one of her own from home -- is otherwise keeping her cool.    Exiting the city is simple.  It never occurs to Ailish getting back in might be more of an issue.

Her offering is a simple one: the flower she's brought all the way from her home, a thank you for her safe trip, her beautiful fiancee, a thank you for her life in general.  Ailish's prayers are short, but devout.  In all, she's less than half an hour at the altar, but she feels energized, for her trip back.

That is, until she hits the city gates. Ailish isn't a recognizable face, as of yet.

Character Manifesto / [Human] Ailish Argall
« on: April 24, 2012, 01:31:27 PM »
Name: Ailish Argall

Age: 20

Date of Birth: 677 (a Harvest baby)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Family: Of the house Argall: a lower noble house, but one known for it's practical nature, hard work, and honesty, Ailish is a perfect, one might say stereotypical image of what one might think of the House Argall.

This is the number one reason she's the daughter sent to marry well.
The rest of her family, it's hit or miss about the Argall traits.  She's the 5th of seven children and the fourth daughter.  There is not any provision for her should she not marry well, which is a little indicative of how well the Argall family harvests have been over the last few years.

The family, is entirely dependent on agriculture for their fortunes.

Class: Lower Nobility

Religion: Shain.  She is a very devout follower of all the rituals, and traditions of this religion.

Occupation: Noble (though she would say farmer, if pressed.  She has managed a large portion of the estate and the wheat production: one of the few profitable areas of the estate, for the last 2 years.)

Education Level: She is educated: reading and writing, history, religion, but knows little of politics, and the city.  She was educated at home, by the same tutor that tutored all her other siblings. 

Strengths: Practicality, organizational skills, thriftiness, discretion, and a deep affinity with nature.

Weaknesses: Strength, she's not the strongest of people.  Lack of any and all political knowledge.  Shyness.

Skills: Equestrian skills, animal husbandry, gardening.  She's also good at household management.

Powers: Health: she's able to make things healthier: be it plants, animals, and to the smallest extent, humans.  For plants and animals, it's the ability to heal (not immediately, but with effectiveness), but with humans, it's more a sense of feeling better.

Power Level: Slight: Unless one knew it was there, or was looking for it, it would not be obvious.

Physical Description  Blond, blue-eyed, and looks frail.  She isn't, she's just not the strongest person in the world.  In fact, her health is usually quite excellent.  If she spends too much time in the sun, freckles appear across her nose and cheeks.

She is willowy thin: and might look a little underweight to some, but that's how she grew, not due to any other reasons.  It's a physical trait common amongst Argalls.  At 5'6, she is neither tall nor short, but her perfect posture gives her the appearance of more height.

Her fashion sense is very easy: flowing, natural colours, nothing overly fussy, though this may need to change for the city.

Play By: Gemma Ward

Personality  At first, Ailish might appear difficult to know.  She's very discreet about her own thoughts and feelings, through generally affable to everyone.  Even being the fourth daughter, Ailish is very self confident: the type that does not need to announce it because she could care less if others notice. 

Often overlooked in the larger family, she was comfortable with that, and in her own skin, choosing to find her own entertainments, although this meant having a great deal of freedom. 

Very honest, and loyal, Ailish can be a great ally, but of no use at all, if she finds the other person dishonest, or untrustworthy, even if it is better for playing politics.

Her only true frustrations come from a restriction of her freedom, and cruelty to people / animals, anything at all, really.

Ailish was the fifth child that came at a time when the Argall family was flourishing.  After the birth of the seventh Argall, times became more financially strapped, and thus they did without.  They had one tutor.  Children were put to work, or fostered out.  The family is desperate to hold onto their lower noble status and not sink further.  At the same time, the amoung of land they own will always give them a little influence.

Ailish was a free-range child.  As long as she attended her lessons and did her chores, she could do as she wished.  Really, it was an ideal situation for a child so interested in nature, but the hardships of an agricultural life meant that they sometimes did without. 

At 18, she overtook the south western portion of the land, and managing the growing, and fallow fields, to great success.  Moving to the city, she will be desperately homesick at times for the peace and quiet of the country.

In a rare thing, all seven children lived through to adulthood, making the provisions for each child, besides the two eldest, are nonexistent.  Ailish had little choice in moving to the city to become someone's wife.

Favourite colour: green.
Pet Peeve: Rudeness to those of a lesser status.  The dislike of animals.
She is extremely religious.  She takes all religious ceremonies with all due reverence, and does not believe anything should be considered "more important" than the rites of being a Shain.

Roleplay Sample
"I have everything, mother."  If Ailish was the type, she would be frustrated as her mother fussed and fretted, double-checking the packing for her fourth daughter's move to the city.  The contract of betrothal having been signed, Ailish is now moving away from her home: a place she's never left for even a night, she knows this is a clean break. 

Instead of showing her nerves, she's taken a more practical approach.  Lists were made, items arrange, a new wardrobe, though skimpy, has been tailored.  Aillia Voss is from a much higher family, and her parents did not want their daughter to look like a pauper.  Then again, AIlish's interest in clothes hasn't had a chance to develop, given the limited options.  Even when meeting Melisandre for the first time, Ailish was wearing a retailored gown that was her eldest sister's.

Whatever Ailish leaves with, is all she's getting. There isn't any money left for her, as everything the family earns is plowed back into the estate, literally.
"Please do not refold that.  I've already made sure it will have as few creases as possible."  It's quiet but firm, and Ailish's mother pulls back her hand, leaving the linen shawl as it was originally packed.

Once the trunk is packed, Ailish picks up a small pot, with a Calmlan sprout.  It's the only part of the estate she's taking with her, and the family, in trying to make her as good a catch as possible, did not barter for her to take her pets.

Ailish understands the practicality of it, though it pains her to leave them.

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