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Temple District / [Private] Re: Attend the flock
« on: November 19, 2012, 08:57:21 AM »
That Ailish has only been watched and not helped, doesn't surprise her.  She's an entertainment to many in Myrica, courtiers and priestesses alike.  Ailla is far more accustomed to it than Ailish, but fortunately, being the internal person that she is, other than a slight tenseness in the shoulders, there is little to say she's nervous.

She heard the one priestess talk about Ailish's possible conversion, and the comment does earn a slight crinkle of the forehead.  Is that what they expect of her?

Fortunately, the arrival of Jael saves her from further staring.  "Thank you, Priestess," unlike Jael, though the Ailish finds her a little cold toward her, there isn't any reason for dislike.

Temple District / [Private] Re: Attend the flock
« on: October 03, 2012, 11:18:27 AM »
To say her marriage started off on an unsure footing would be an understatement.  As it stands, things still aren't right between them, but that doesn't mean Ailish isn't trying to figure things out.  She hopes, desperately, that understanding Aillia's religion will add a further understanding of the woman.  She's not immersed in the common religion.  It's not due to intolerance, more a lack of exposure.

Thus, she stands at the doors of the temple, uncertain if there are certain rituals she should perform, and feeling the prying eyes of what she thinks are the temple elders.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: I see you standing there
« on: August 17, 2012, 02:01:30 PM »
Ailish looks confused.  "Why should your removal prevent rumours?" There is not reason.  On the other hand, perhaps others might say they didn't treat him as well as they should have.

"You could've had the admiration of everyone at court."  Unlike Tamus, Ailish does need to keep thinking of the dance steps, so her conversation is a little stilted.

"I'm sure everyone's rather impressed by you, given the circumstances."  She has absolutely no idea how her discussion on his heroism, could be taken by someone having an entirely different conversation.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: August 11, 2012, 01:01:02 PM »
Questions sit at the edge of her teeth: how can Ailla see her as an equal when Ailla deems her a child?  Actions such as how?  Not giving the show someone clearly wanted over the tapestry?  Doing what she thought was right after the assassination?  Staying at this reception, trying to smile, when Ailla's done all but abandon her at the first sign of defiance?

She's not going to be particularly skilled at hiding her feelings, here, as she's feeling more off-balance than usual.  Being walked out on at her own reception, is enough to throw anyone off, but now she's in a room filled with those who have no idea who she is.  It's not a surprise, given Ailla doesn't seem to know who Ailish is either.  "You have both asked the question and answered it for me.  I am to help with everything.  I have never said, nor acted otherwise, but how would you suggest I do that?"  If Lady Banik is no longer any help, and she can't trust Ailla to give her a proper answer, Ailish makes what is likely her biggest mistake: turning to the one person who might tell her something.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: A Time and Place for Prayer
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:41:21 PM »
"Things always change, seasons, people, circumstances.  It's the lack of acceptance of any I can offer, that has convinced me no one wants to."  She's firmer this time, not harsh, but firm.  Ailish has no desire to start a quarrel with the priestess, but the reassurances, empty, and with nothing offered to support the theories, are as meaningless as the role she was clearly expected to play here.  A show of welcoming change, when there is nothing but a resistance against it.

"I have always tried to live as I should.  I have lived according to that which the Goddess, my family, my fields, my flocks, have expected of me, as best as I could.  Still there are times when things that should, and things that would, cannot be one and the same."  If the Priestess thinks Ailla should listen to Ailish, find, but Ailish wonders if she ever could, without always finding some strawman fault with whatever Ailish suggested, and thus dismiss it.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: I see you standing there
« on: August 07, 2012, 07:29:48 AM »
"That sounds like a very low price," she can even work up a little smile at that. "But of course I will."

Taking the offered hand, Ailish will allow Tamus to lead her onto the dance floor.

"I was surprised you left us so early," she's trying to make conversation. "You could have stayed as long as you wished."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: I see you standing there
« on: August 07, 2012, 12:10:57 AM »
"Lord Goldwyne," she curtsies out of habit, despite her sudden elevation in nobility.  In truth, she prefers the simpler Lady Ailish to Duchess.

 Nerves have prevented Ailish from sitting since Ailla's abrupt departure and she can't help but be acutely aware of the smug looks, and leaned whispers. Tamus gives her something else to focus on.

Despite the awareness, Ailish is putting as much of herself as possible into keeping her composure. "It is good to see you well. I cannot repay your service to both my wife," those words are smoothly said, even if they sound odd to her ears, "and myself. I hope you've enjoyed the celebrations."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: A Time and Place for Prayer
« on: August 02, 2012, 02:05:44 PM »
"I am not certain she wishes my help."  If anything, given that Ailish saw nothing, but genuine interest, and reciprocal honestly from Ailla, that she doesn't know her bride at all.  It's made her feel as simple as it sounds Ailla thinks of her.

"I am necessary for politics.  Simply my agreement to be her wife."  That, Ailla didn't even need to work for.  The betrothal was agreed to, and Ailish has no intention of making her wife's life more difficult.  Perhaps Ailish will find her use when there are children.

"And may I ask why the situation makes you so cross?"  From what little she's been made privy to, there is no reason for the Priestess to be annoyed.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: Brotherly Love
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:05:11 PM »
Ailish would be rather sad if he did know trouble is afoot.  She likes that he's such an innocent boy: happy, and content.  While she knows it impossible, she would want him to stay this way forever.

"She is very lovely.  Did she let you have some treats when you were in the kitchens?  They make lovely pastries here."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: Brotherly Love
« on: July 26, 2012, 01:33:47 PM »
I want

"I will have the title."  Ailish doesn't know what power she will wield.  At this time, she wants to stay where she is, with Martel.  There's the difficulty of moving forward, with everything she thought of this marriage being false, with the support she thought she had, not being there, the only thing she knows is that Martel is an excellent hugger.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: Brotherly Love
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:16:04 PM »
She gathers him up close, really, when he leaves, Ailish will just be alone again.

"What they will see is me, dancing with my brother. If we just sway to the music, then why think us fools? You didn't come all this way for me to ignore you."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: Brotherly Love
« on: July 25, 2012, 01:45:46 PM »
Ailish hopes, one advantage of brig married will be to help her family, particularly with travel costs. How often though, will be decided upon by her mothers.

"We don't have to do a complicated reel. Just like we would dance at home." She can't help but wonder if here will ever feel like home.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: Brotherly Love
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:30:21 PM »
"There are other ways to learn." Ailish isn't worried about Martel. He has plenty of time to find his path. Right now, Martel is excellently distracting her from her own worries.

"I want you to visit me whenever you can." The duties on their lands are great, and the cost of travel even greater, so she's afraid Martel will not want to. Things can't stay the same, even beautiful little boys.

"And I expect you to dance with me at my wedding."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 24, 2012, 12:22:26 PM »
"She has those already."  It's not as though she can pretend the other two do not exist, and how stupid would she look to deny them their place?  At least she can also give an honest answer, though it may sound political. "Not that I object to helping, where I can."  Ailish has wanted to all along, but has no idea how.  At home, she knew the routine, the requirements, but here, she's entirely unprepared.  Thus far, she hasn't managed to do anything right here either.  She sees so much here that seems to run only on luck, and tradition, and how easy it would be to pull one small thread and unravel it.

Ailish doesn't want to be that thread.  "I cannot speak for the Duchess," that in itself was an answer.  "But anyone who doubts my intentions to be anything but a support to her, would be wrong."  Whatever private matters are between them, publicly, Ailish agrees with her dance partner.  It's an arranged marriage.  That means, should the Duchess come back, they would need to come to their own arrangement.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: A Time and Place for Prayer
« on: July 23, 2012, 10:51:31 AM »
Being snapped at makes Ailish blink in surprise. "I try to." She had told the Duchess of her affection, of her religion, both made her sound simple, even stupid, to Ailla. She'd heard that much.

Why would the priestess even bother with her?  "I tell her I want to do things, but I am told my way going about them is wrong. I'm corrected without correction. Told I'm wrong, and why I'm wrong, but not what is the right way. My ways are wrong." Save that one time, with Lady Banik: offering advice and instruction on the gardens, and offering the use of her seamstress, all Ailish has been told sums up to her being in the wrong.

Tilting her head, "What have I done to make you cross?" If she sounds weary of it, she is.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:00:27 AM »
"And what concerns might you have. Hopefully I can-" the sentence goes unfinished. Ailish looks around the room hoping amongst hope Ailla had returned.

"Dissolution?  Why suggest such a thing?" Marriage is lifelong in Ailish's eyes. There hasn't been a dissolution of a marriage in her family for 2 centuries at least.

"And that is not what happened at all." Not realizing, by that admission, something had happened. "And the Duchess is not childish," not that she's seen, though it's been well kept from her.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:53:36 AM »
"There is a great deal to a marriage, to label it only that." The idea is almost humorous.

At this moment, supporting one side or the other would be a moot point to Ailish. She will be such a political non-entity. "My marriage will hardly affect the court after today, everyone needs not worry on that front."

She may be little to Ailla, but that also means she won't be a weapon.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Private] Re: A Time and Place for Prayer
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:43:42 AM »
"I do not know what you mean." There's a lack of facetiousness. Thus far, Ailish has communicated honestly with the Duchess, and yet had no idea Ailla thought so little of her. She'd come to Myrica with the intent of creating a bond for marriage. The Duchess's intentions were never as such.

With everything in her life revolving around her, the Duchess likely finds it easy to reduce others only to what they are to her.

"I am a piece in her political puzzle, I know this." To help her avoid a match with the courtiers she cannot tolerate.  Looking at Jael, Ailish knows the impossibility of ever being close to the Duchess. "She has all she needs to continue to rule." With the Lady Banik, her priestess, and a wife tucked to one side, Ailla can focus on other things, than the question of her personal life.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:24:31 AM »
"Today is hectic, despite everything being planned down to the second." Ailish takes the briefest glance at her feet, to be sure they're doing the right thing.

"You have the luxury of enjoying the party, and only that. I have a marriage to consider once the party is over." That, though vague, is absolutely truthful. There isn't much point in lying. If he knows Ailla as well as she's heard, there's no point in attempting deception. Ailish never suspected it from Ailla, which makes Ailish look all the more a fool.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 23, 2012, 01:04:45 AM »
"Yes, sir," it's an automatic agreement from Ailish, as at least dancing gives her something to do. Cautiously, she puts her hand in his.

Manners, despite her upset, she musters them up, "Have you enjoyed the day?" Someone should.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 23, 2012, 12:27:37 AM »
Ailish watches, in such surprise, that while Ailla's excuse may be believed, Ailish's face contradicts it.

She stands about foolishly for a minute, as though she expects Ailla to come back. The one time she stands up for herself and Ailla wants nothing to do with her. Apparently, Ailla wishes this child to be seen and not heard.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 22, 2012, 02:17:00 PM »
"Please don't do that," it's whispered as well. Anyone, who didn't know the women might think they were whispering sweet nothings. Then again, Ailish hasn't made a secret of her affection. The reminder of that, and what a fool she's been, helps shore her up.

"The court has had their spectacle. I will be obedient and follow your lead, as any wife in my position should. Please do not treat me like a pet, to be given some attention, petting, and a good day out, to keep me content. If I found pleasure in today, you'd find humour in it, to be shared as an anecdote." The way one would tell stories of a pet, or a child, believing them incapable of understanding the humour, thus not expecting any offense at the embarrassment.

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 22, 2012, 01:35:12 PM »
"I don't-" Ailish stops herself. There she is answering questions again, and she needs to stop that. It must sound like she's always explaining herself to the people here, who keep so much from everyone.

Looking to her left, then right, then back again, she feels she's being watched. It's the sense of those watching, waiting for something, but she doesn't know what.

"I was surprised the ceremony happened at all, given the objections."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 22, 2012, 11:23:37 AM »
Ailish stands the same moment as the Duchess, and takes the offered hand, to be led out to the dance floor. She's stopped for a brief second, by the train of her dress, and getting it tied up, to stop her from tripping. She's nervous enough, so she's afraid she might.

While not distaste, more hurt, the longer it festers, the stronger it is. With the hollowness of Lady Banik's words of greeting: Ailish is having difficulty believing anyone's words, even when it was announced they were officially married. That sense of finality came this morning.

"Everything's gone smoothly. People seem to be enjoying themselves."

Voss - Argall Wedding / [Open] Re: Time for the feast.
« on: July 22, 2012, 03:58:44 AM »
Ailish has found an advantage of these over-planned events, thinking isn't a necessity. She's been led here and taken there, even the food appears, though now everything she eats will be tasted. If it has been previously, she's unaware.

What she is aware of is the Duchess looking about for someone who isn't her. Is it Lady Banik? The other woman is fairly easy to spot. The priestess?  Ailish hasn't seen her since this morning.

Lost in looking about the room, she's a moment before realizing the the Duchess, her wife, is now speaking to her. Dancing would be expected. "Yes, of course."

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