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Author Topic:  The search for stability. (Open)  (Read 3187 times)


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The search for stability. (Open)
« on: May 22, 2012, 11:29:56 AM »
Ailish is still feeling rather out of place: and is beginning to wonder if she can ever see this new city as her home, or just the place she's come to be married.  Even more disappointing is how she's only received correspondence from two of her family: her little brother, and birth mother. She can't express why that bothers her; she doesn't want to add to Ailla's worries.  As Duchess, the woman has more than enough to do, than listen to Ailish complain of a lack of letters. 

She doesn't ask to leave the castle, she just does.  Whether or not anyone is following her, she doesn't know, nor will she assume anyone's noticed her disappearance.  Instead, with a small potted flower, she's making her way to a Shain Altar.  There wouldn't be one within the city walls, but she supposes she will have to attend the main temple, at some time, to see if there is some temporary measure that could be taken.

It's a longer walk than she expected to the closest altar to the palace.  It is a warm day, so she feels the hair at the back of her neck feel a little damp, but her dress -- one of her own from home -- is otherwise keeping her cool.    Exiting the city is simple.  It never occurs to Ailish getting back in might be more of an issue.

Her offering is a simple one: the flower she's brought all the way from her home, a thank you for her safe trip, her beautiful fiancee, a thank you for her life in general.  Ailish's prayers are short, but devout.  In all, she's less than half an hour at the altar, but she feels energized, for her trip back.

That is, until she hits the city gates. Ailish isn't a recognizable face, as of yet.


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