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Author Topic: [Human] Tamus Goldwyne  (Read 1833 times)


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[Human] Tamus Goldwyne
« on: June 25, 2012, 12:04:31 PM »

Tamus Goldwyne
28 | male
Human | noble
Henry Cavill

P L A Y E R;
Timezone :  (In GMT +/- please.) EST
I agree that I am 18+:yes

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.

Tamus is a strong looking man of 28 years. He stands at just over 6 feet tall, has fair skin that shows signs of much sun in the summer months. Light blue eyes and a smile that may be slow to show, however is all the more genuine for the reluctance. His hair is typically kept short, though when it does grow out, it’s prone to unruly waves.
As a knight, he makes it a point to stay physically fit by training several hours a week, or even daily, when time allows. Handsome and comfortable with himself, he has had his fair share of opportunities to take lovers, though he usually prefers one regular mistress/mister and the understanding that his duties to his family and land come first.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   
First born. Heir. These roles define Tamus, and he takes them to heart. Raised to be responsible, he is the very epitome of stability and security. This doesn’t mean that he is without his character faults however. While not easily prone to anger, Tamus does have a temper that hides under the surface. He does not forgive easily or readily, and holds others to the high standards that he applies to himself.
He is also not a stranger to the sport of gambling, and spent a certain amount of his youth indulging in what adventures he could. Which were varied and plenty, as an honored Knight. For the most part those days are behind him, though he often longs for their simplicity now that his birthright has come to demand more from him.

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
A superior fighter with weapons, particularly sword and mace. Tamus is also a trained soldier, and has a gift for military strategy. He prides himself on the care of his horses, personally taking a great interest in their conditions and health. Tamus can also sing with above average talent, though he would only do so in the company of those he knows and trusts.
Untrained and showing no ability for higher magics, Tamus’ only skill in this area is an affinity for illusions, or making people momentarily think they see something contrary to reality. His use for this extended mainly to those gambling tables in his younger days. Though it’s been said that his family was once able to do much more with the art of illusion.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
Born late to his parents, Tamus was both greatly valued (by his parents) and greatly despised (by his cousins). He remembers two very lovely and kind mothers, and one difficult to impress father. No other children were produced despite many attempts, and without a sister to inherit, Tamus is the hear apparent to the vast fortune of the Goldwyne House. The woman, or women, that wed him will be very fortunate in the most literal sense.
Tamus was strictly raised and heavily influenced by his father. Who demanded that he learn a great deal even as a child. Education, and combat training were all the things that Tamus was allowed to think of until he grew old enough to take on a Knighthood. This marked his few years of relative freedom and mischief. Traveling with fellow soldiers and Knights, Tamus learned to value lessons other than the ones he’d been taught. Unknowingly becoming more and more like his father each year.

The loss of his second mother prompted Tamus to return home and comfort his remaining parents. Since then he’s been relied on to take a more active role in the management of the Goldwyne vineyards. His parents are also eager to see him married well, and soon. Though Tamus may not necessarily be planning to oblige them in this duty just yet. 

S A M P L E; taste test of your character.   
The wind in his face was a godsend. It blew all burdens of concern and worry from Tamus Goldwyne’s mind. His journey only freshly begun and each step, each click of his horse’s hoof seemed that much lighter, more free. The guilt of dismissing his responsibilities weighed not on his shoulders. Much later, when he would rest for the night, Tamus would think back and wonder at his ease of riding away. Now however, he cared more for the sight of an empty road and a purpose ahead.

Tamus was to travel to the city of Myrica, and finish the trade negotiations that his beloved first mother had started weeks ago. She professed to have confidence in him, and Tamus did not mean to let her down. It had been months since the death of his second mother, a cultural tradition adopted rather than native to the House of Goldwyne, but one embraced warmly. The loss had left his family rattled and unsteady. Though one might not have thought that to look upon the remaining members, stoic and calm, even in their deepest grief.

“Ever forward, Kahn.” The sound of his glove echoed it’s friendly gesture against his horse’s neck. Who knew what waited for them ahead? Life held precious few surprises for Tamus, he’d learned to savor each opportunity for them.   
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