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Author Topic: [Human] Atherton Torray  (Read 1755 times)


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[Human] Atherton Torray
« on: June 27, 2012, 04:02:33 PM »

Atherton Torray
28 | Male
Human | Upper Nobility.
Ryan Gosling

P L A Y E R;
Timezone : GMT - 5 (DST GMT - 4)
I agree that I am 18+: Yes.

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.
Atherton Torray only stands out from most of his family because of his clear sea blue eyes. A lot of his mother's relatives have darker colored eyes. Like most Torrays he is of fair skin and hair. He is often clean shaven but is capable of growing a full grown beard - not that he prefers it, especially not at court. The smoothness of his angled features being on display is preferred by his lovers at court and also provides the deceptiveness of youth - with youth comes the perception of naivety. Tall (standing just about six feet), well-muscled, and often well-dressed, he cuts quite the figure at court and often contains the eye of those seeking a good time, particularly.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   
It is important to preface Atherton by saying that is not a good man. As a child he balanced the precipice of what could be defined as capable of doing good actions and morally grey; largely kept there because of his self-interest, strong sense of family duty (which that itself balanced familial responsibility for the sake of and familial responsibility because of image, lineage pride), and some capability of love. As he grew older he grew more and more self-interested. However, because he is not good does not mean that he is evil. Atherton isn't the villain - at least not in the traditional sense - as he isn't nefarious and there is only so far his deliberate maliciousness will go. They often go as far as words rather than action and they're often words said for the benefit of the person, just they usually are said cruelly or more bluntly than the person would like (but necessarily so, in his opinion). Atherton is neither the good man or the villain but often he is painted as both. By the very people at the very courts that he twists between his fingers in hopes to get what he wants.

To many in court he charming, funny, filled with the right sense of 'not caring' to keep people coming back for more. To many 'it is such a shame that he wasn't born a girl' or that he has a sister - which while that frustrates Atherton to no end, he uses to his benefits. To garner sympathy among the women and empathy among the men. He is the good-looking Torray boy who suffered a misfortune of birth. Perhaps the goddesses would choose to shine down on him and perhaps the people on the planet could be good enough to be instruments of their good-will.

To others Atherton is a blight. Barely skirting the proper customs of court - keeping to matters just enough to keep himself from getting into trouble and kicked out. He is a blight because the favorite of his malicious, but oh so helpful advice, is the already shaky new Duchess. His cousin. He is a cruel man playing at a web of games that the end result no one is entirely aware of.

What Atherton is in truth is, and always will be, a self-preoccupied man. He is capable of the most poignant goodness and he is capable of the most biting cruelties (at least verbally), but he is no broken young man in need of saving nor is the consistently "bad man". Atherton is a strongly egocentric creature capable of love - in a way - yet not somber sympathies. He is capable of love but it isn't what drives him. He will dismiss it, and finer emotions, when it gets in his way. Or worse, Atherton attempts to crush love before it - or someone - can crush him. The only true thing that keeps him from committing truly heinous crimes or entirely looking the other way when they are done is responsibility to the family name. It tempers him more than other people realize. That and his dislike for needless messes. Could you imagine Atherton becoming involved with a random mob? No, no. If mayhem must occur he prefers it better planned, with minimal bloodshed (why waste able bodies), and far away from his family property as possible. He often uses the traits that temper as an explanation - and excuse - for his acts of kindnesses to people he may not typically be kind to. He would rather not be known for those uncustomary and not-according to plan kindnesses in the end, it's simpler and more efficient to explain things that way.

What he does want to be known for is his drive. And if he isn't careful he may end his days pitied for his resentments. While Atherton is quite good at keeping people from seeing through his motivations and acting more simple-minded than he is or simply too disinterested in politics, not everyone is entirely fooled by him. Furthermore, it's his resentments that push him and they are what blind him - as can be seen partially in his view on love. There is nothing that sticks in Atherton's craw more than the fact that he fails to inherit because that he was born male. While most, if not all, the women and a lot of the men feel that men are given the training that women are and are provided with plenty of opportunities; Atherton is one of the few that disagrees. He believes that Cormont treats it's males like well-trained and well-caged lapdogs. And it irks. He may use that for his benefit but it is an insult that people expect it or fall for it. It rubs raw that a sister many years his younger will have anything that he wants, he wanted. It burns him that a cousin that he once loved, genuinely so in his mind, as much as he ever loved anyone would not only allow for him to be treated as such, would do the same. While there are more complicated emotions involved that do not stand the test of logical explanation, in short, rather than wait for Ailla to do without him, Artherton convinced himself of her intentions and all but crushed any good affections she had for him. Unaware of just how much she worshiped him, he let his anger at his position and his resentment color his view of matters. It is the single most dumbest act that such an intelligent man hhas ever committed. Stabbing the hand that could have given him all.

In truth, it is difficult to say that Atherton would have been able to take anything from Ailla even if he had realized what he'd been doing and stopped himself - and waited. His pride likely wouldn't have let him. In his mind there is a great difference between fucking something out of a woman - or seducing it from her lover - and quite another to have it handed to you by your baby cousin.

While Atherton, does want power he doesn't want anything beyond what he feels is his. And while he does want a sort of liberation of men, he would take complete equality. The heir being first born regardless of gender. His self-motivation, along with his measured sense of impulsiveness (in that he is quite more controlled than people realize), is another thing that keeps a cap on his ambitions and his actions. Atherton doesn't care about the extreme - unless it's as far as he has to go to get what he wants; however, he is quite capable of settling and compromising. He is perhaps blinded and stubborn; nevertheless, he isn't an unreasonable creature.

At least to people not his cousin and even then he doesn't believe that he is.

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
Some men swing swords - Atherton uses his tongue. In more ways then one. He's a sweet-talker and a seducer, using his words to flatter women to get into their beds, gain their favor, and to get what he wants. He is a liar and a con, perfecting an oblivious face that doesn't leave many but those with the sharpest eyes - or forewarned - into realizing that he isn't all that he seems, pretends.

He's fair with a sword and an excellent horseman. He's a sharp dresser and 'knows' people - such as good seamstresses, great cooks, excellent servants. He also knows people  who know people in other senses that are more dangerous.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
Some would say that Atherton received everything that a little boy could ever want. Not two, but three, parents who at the very least cared for him. More wealth than most could ever dream of. Family members to play with - particularly one who thought the world shined from each one of his orifices. And a little sister. Things started to go wrong with the little sister. Honestly, things started to go wrong far before that but no one noticed really until she was born.

It started with the whispers. People should really have care about what children hear, and then, what children see and add up when left to their own conclusions. That isn't to say that it was entirely the fault of strangers, except some might argue that it was, and definitely not that it was mostly the fault of his parents. His parents who loved him. His father and birth mother certainly did. And his non-birth mother, more than tolerated him. In fact, she even cared. However, the trouble was coupled with the whispers of the Torrays 'disappointment' over not getting a girl and his parents continued trying until they received one could easily lead a little boy to make conclusions.

It was difficult to say if that thought process had anything to do in developing Atherton into the man he is. He, for certain, will never say. Nevertheless, it is clear enough that he didn't like his position being replaced - in any way.

If there was ever any love between the two siblings it was brief, made so by Atehrton becoming older and more aware of his position.

As he grew older he grew more distant with his family and more social with those who could get him somewhere. That isn't say he wasn't a social boy. But rather a boy who hung more to the words of his parents.

He spent so much time at balls and events - sharpening the skills of his words rather than his skills with a sword; which he had started to when he was much younger. Atherton became the lover to have. He was wanted as much for his discreteness and skills as well as the rumors that lingered around him. Rumors about how he slept with women without consent of their partners among other actions that came in whispers about how he just barely skirted around the accepted customs. He has been very nearly caught a few times but each previous time have made him slicker in his handled affairs. After all, it wouldn't do to have it all blow up to his face.

Atherton has barely formed an attachment to anyone not his family - and even that he severed to most of them. Even more so on upon Cliona's death. Despite what most - among them his cousin Ailla - may believed he mourned her deeply. He only didn't do so where many could see and he refused to dwell upon it.

Currently, Atherton is doing as he always does and it is the possible end game that keeps him biding his time. Despite as boring such actions may seem, the rumors of a storm approaching over distaste with the new Duchess is coming and he hopes that it will all fall to his advantage.

S A M P L E; 
He sat with a contemplatively bored expression on his narrow features. One of his leg bent and crossed over the other the lap of the other as if to form a partial 4 in alliance to his hips. It added to the over all lounging warring with alert position the dapper figure cut. What with his elbow on the arm chair, his chin on his fingers, and one long finger resting on his cheek as he raised his brows just slightly as if giving a facial shrug. Atherton silently watched as the two wives bickered back in forth in front of him - as if he wasn't there but in truth it was over the fact that he had been spending more time with one than the other. That one was giving him funds without the others approval. It was only a matter of time before he was 'let go' due to jealousy and the likelihood that they couldn't afford him. However, that was all right. Their arguments had been growing tedious as were their minimal sexual imaginations.

He only half listened to the conversation because it would be in his best interest to do so. It wouldn't do to leave this arrangement with them too sour with him. However, it didn't seem to be going south enough that he needed to be overly alarmed. Or alarmed at all given what he was thinking about were the peas he'd have for dinner. They had been a bit over done, shriveled, and far too dipped into butter.

Atherton smiled briefly, nothing but the appearance of an attentive man who cared about what they had to say beyond their judgment on how matters would end. While in truth he as truly considering that his gift to them - before leaving - would be the recommendation of a better cook.
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