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Author Topic: [Private] Letters to Lorvale  (Read 2869 times)


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[Private] Letters to Lorvale
« on: June 29, 2012, 09:04:42 AM »
[The message is written in code and sealed with wax and a unique signet, sent with a trusted messenger to be delivered only to the hand of the Duchess or Duke of Lorvale. When opened, it reads...]

Honored Mother and Father;

I regret to inform you that the fates had intervined against the interests that you availed upon me to ensure. Without excuse, I take every fault upon myself for this failure. All is not without hope however, for though the initial plans may not be possible, there are other methods to insure our interests. The idea of trade negotiations was not to be dismissed out of hand, and it is my belief that I can accomplish much in this vain.

Ever your loyal son,

Sir Tamus Goldwyne
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