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Author Topic: [Nymphs] Sparkle  (Read 3314 times)

Description: The bitchiest of nymphs

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[Nymphs] Sparkle
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:26:12 AM »

210| Female
Nymph| Pegaeae (Specifically, a spring)
play-by: Kimbra

P L A Y E R; Spy
Timezone :  EST
I agree that I am 18+: Yes

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.
Sparkle is a petite brunette, with dark eyes, that are unnaturally both dark, and shiny: it's one of the ways she draws in people that way. 9 times out of 10, Sparkle's naked when people come across her, as she's confident enough in her appearance, and because she doesn't care if people don't like what they see. She's often decorated in leaves, or flowers, or whatever nature produces.  The few times she leaves the spring, she sports what are, essentially, what most humans would consider undergarments: one chemise, and perhaps a belt, if she feels like it.  Sometimes, said garment is a little see-through.  In the sun, she looks a bit, almost shiny, as if she's not quite dry from swimming.  It's just a natural affect of being a nymph so tied to water.

Her movements are quick, slightly quicker than all full-blooded humans, and very graceful, supernaturally graceful.  It comes from not only her species, but years of climbing trees and spending entire days swimming.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   
Telling people what they don't want to hear: a lifetime of crushing people's hopes has affected her.  She often sounds sarcastic, or silly, or nonsensical just to avoid what would otherwise be crushing pathos.  Flippancy, as opposed to seriousness, Sparkle can appear rather callous at times, without the sympathy or empathy one might think someone should have when delivering bad news.  It's more apathy toward what she's done for nearly 200 years, so she had to develop a tough shell.
Sparkle is without close family ties.  In fact, she is without ties to anything but her spring.  She can go weeks without having any form of contact with another sentient creature, though she may argue the spring, and the nearby flora and fauna are sentient: unless she's angry at them.
She is intensely curious and nosy, more to keep herself from being bored.  People will find most things Sparkle does is for her own entertainment: including playing so pretty nasty tricks on those who invade her space without either noticing her, or paying due respect. 
In short, Sparkle is not a kind person, well, kind nymph, by anyone's standards.  She is, on the other hand, useful, which is why people will visit.  She's also extremely willing to sleep with just about anyone who wanders by: again, useful, if not kind.  The only thing she truly loves, is her spring, and the forest in which she lives.  .

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
She's an excellent singer, dancer, and enticer, when she feels like it.  Oh, yes, she also links the springs to the river, so she's rather necessary.  She enjoys having gifts left to her by the local farmers, and really, if she gets too annoyed, the springs will not flow as well. 
Preferring all things natural, she can easily understand the creatures near her spring, and they her, though she doesn't actually speak to them.
Then again, she's tied to the springs, so if they ever dry up, she's dead.
She can be away from her place of responsibility for a maximum of 7 nights, otherwise, she dies. 
If consulted, and left a gift, she will offer a small glimpse into the future.  It's very small, and rarely what someone wants to hear. She can see far more, but only shares a little.
Finally, as expected, she's an excellent swimmer.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
Sparkle is the one of the many, many, many children of her parents.  A river nymph and a forest nymph produced her.  How does that work? Technically, it doesn't, but her family's always been one of the "who the fuck cares" type. 
Her history is rather simple, and rather boring: she was born.  Her parents mostly ignored her, and Sparkle's not entirely sure that both her parents are both her parents, but to think too hard on that point would mean she cares, and she doesn't.  To be perfectly honest, when given the task to name all of her siblings, she leaves a few out.  Usually, she leaves out the ones she dislikes.
At the age of 10, Sparkle took over her duties at her spring, and thus, was on her own.  From that point on, she developed her own routine: often involving a lack of care as to how she looks, and a lack of care if she's wearing anything.  She has enough magic to keep herself warm when winter comes. 
While many nymphs live in more civilized circumstances, Sparkle chooses the old ways.  Her own abode is the tree closest to the spring.  Over the years one particularly strong limb has grown out over it.  Said limb is where she sleeps.

S A M P L E; taste test of your character.   
Sparkle has been swimming when she saw it.  Sinking down to the bottom of the stream that flowes from her spring, an image of the man she'd spoken to the previous week. 
"Don't agree to the deal.  It won't end well." That was as clear as the water, wasn't it?  If someone's going to be stupid enough to try and smuggle into Myrica, no one needs to ask anyone who can see the future, what would happen.  Really, this is simply nature removing the unworthy, even if it is through the order of the Duchess Voss.
The Duchess Voss: she seems like a cold enough bitch, that Sparkle might appreciate her, if she could make the effort to meet her.  Sparkle sometimes enjoying peeking in at the court's happenings.  It's free entertainment, and she doesn't even have to leave her glen. 
The amount of blood from the corpses of the pirates, is rather impressive.  So is the crowd gawking at them.
Turning over onto her back, Sparkle floats, naked in the sun, enjoying the heat above water, and the cool of the stream. 
Idiots.  Why ask if they aren't going to listen?  She hears a bird, a sparrow, tweet in the tree above her.  Sparrows are a lot snarkier than people think, but at least they listen when she tells them to avoid certain fields.
Sparrows have a far better sense of self-preservation than pirates.
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