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Author Topic: [Human] Ailla Voss  (Read 2011 times)

Description: Duchess of Myrica

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[Human] Ailla Voss
« on: April 18, 2012, 05:16:13 AM »

Ailla Voss
26 | female
human | duchess
Deborah Ann Woll

P L A Y E R;
Timezone :  GMT+10
I agree that I am 18+: Yes.

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.
Five foot, eight inches tall with long, brilliantly red hair, Ailla takes after her mother in looks, more than her sister did. She has medium blue eyes, pale skin that's freckled lightly from her years running around in the sun, getting into mischief and is generally of happy temperament or so she appears in public. She has slight curves, but more the body of a fighter or a dancer than what may be classically put upon a woman who was going to have to be somebody's mother.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   
Sharp. Amused. Temperamental. These are some words to describe what most people would see Ailla as. She can be friendly and is smart, well trained and makes use of such training. On the flip side, she is also deeply uncomfortable, unsure with her position as Duchess as it wasn't what she was trained to be and not something she ever aspired to be. It leaves her deeply afraid, because she rules over so many peoples lives, even if she can defer to her cousin the Queen for anything too serious or that she doubts.

Ailla is also deeply loyal, and will go against her own wishes to keep a friend safe and happy, or someone she loves. She can be quick to judge, yet she tries to avoid being so when she is to preside over matters of the people. Her sense of loyalty doesn't exactly extend to the bedroom, but her mind is much more open there than it is in other matters - like the sensibility of making her Duchess - and she can be a romantic, but has been scared to let that kind of fancy take her far since her sister died, leaving her wife broken.

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
Trained from a child in the skills of a noble lady, including reading, accounting, politics, dancing, fighting, how to judge disputes and all manner of other things - yet she was not raised to rule a city like Myrica, thus leaving her under prepared for where she found herself at later in life. Though she has never shown magical ability, her family is descendent from shapeshifters, a trait which shows up occasionally, though not for her as of yet.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
Born the second daughter of House Voss in her generation, Ailla was raised in the thriving, energetic port city of Myrica, over which her Mother's ruled. She spent much of her childhood playing with her sister, and her best friend, Melisande. Melisande, who being of calmer temperament was the calm to Ailla's ire, to her restlessness, though she would often go running with her in the woods, or sometimes the markets, and certainly through the castle. They took lessons together, played together, were generally utterly inseparable and it was thought that when they were grown, that they would make a match.

But things didn't go that way.

Love each other they did, but it never amounted to more than sisters, or perhaps even platonic soul mates. When she hit her teenage years, Ailla began taking lovers, mostly women, though hardly of her same class. But they were women, so it didn't matter. her interests in sword fighting, wandering the woods increased, and as ever she stared out from the castle turrets, wondering about the life on the sea that all the merchants, sailors and pirates that came to port, day in, day out. Her mother's caught ill in the winter of her seventeenth year, and barely lived to see her elder sister wed. Her grief for her mother's was overwhelming, or so she thought, and she spent much of her time either partaking in the beauties of whore houses, hunting or curled up by her father or Melisande, talking, or not. It didn't matter.

Life went on, as it does, and her sister tried to pick someone for her but she sent them away every time, uninterested, and her sister became pregnant. This was exciting, thrilling, even... but it turned out to be another tragedy. How could the Goddesses take so much she loved when she had always, always believed in them? Been so devout? Her sister was dead, the baby still born and both went down to the cript with her mothers.

Her sister in law stayed, for a time, and even proposed - Ailla was duchess, now, and would need help. But Ailla couldn't understand how she could say such a thing with her sister barely cold.

She was twenty two then, now at the age of twenty six, she has much more of a grip on the handling of the duchy though she still doubts herself in private something fierce, doubts she was meant to be here, called to do this. She has had her game face back on for several years now, though she still frustrates Melisande and everyone else with her escapades and her having escaped marriage so long. Something her best friend aims to fix.

S A M P L E; taste test of your character.   
Ailla sat on her window seat, leaning out of the window slightly till her red waves caught in the soft breeze, which was all too hot for even her warm blood today, and lying on the tiles had only given her a headache. She was about ready to expire from it. The priestesses predicted cooler weather, it was supposed to be waning from Summer to the Autumn but Ailla wasn't yet convinced that they weren't just having her and everybody else on.

At least she wasn't uncharitable enough to wish for their heads. It wasn't actually their fault. She hoped. For their sake.

Worse, was there was to be petitions in the afternoon. She wasn't queen, but the people still had things to ask and not everything was the duty of the Queens, no matter how many times Ailla wished it so, and almost-joked with her cousin that it ought to be. Still perhaps there was time for a cold bath. She wouldn't faint of the heat but she didn't especially want to smell like she'd been rotting in it for a week, either. 'Rosa!' she called, and the girl, seemingly out of nowhere, came running.

'Yes, milady?' she asked, with a curtsey.

'Could you please set up my bath? Cool water, I'm far too hot. And maybe we'll wash my hair, too.'

'Yes Milady.' she curtsied again and scurried off to do so, while Ailla rose from her seat and began to strip off her clothes, the sound of the bath filling as it was pushed into the room and settled down to the floor promising her some reprieve from the heat, if only for a while. Finally.


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