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Author Topic: [Human] Melisande Banik  (Read 1965 times)


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[Human] Melisande Banik
« on: April 22, 2012, 05:16:13 AM »

Lady Melisande Banik
25 | Female
Human | Noble (from a lesser noble family)
play-by Shannyn Sossamon

P L A Y E R;
Timezone :  GMT - 5 (DST GMT - 4)
I agree that I am 18+: Yep.

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.
Mel stands over average height by a bit of a forehead. She is tall but many are surprised when standing next to her that she isn't as tall as they perceived at a distance. She is slim and a few of the hairstyles that she places her dark hair in, give her the appearance of being at least half a head taller than she actually is. Angular would be more of a correct synonym for the lady. She isn't ridiculously skinny - she is just as said ... slim but her figure, especially under heavier clothing, is all limbs - like a boy growing through puberty. She has sharp elbows, long fingers, and a face that can be best described as rectangular (with a set of arching brows on them) -- See? Angular. There is softness to her body. It's there in her rounded shoulders, the surprising flare of her hips, and breasts - on the small side but there. However, those aren't the first bits that most people notice about her.

The first is usually that hair of hers. Dark, near close to raven feathers but shine a warm brown in the sun. It's usually twisted about her head or spiked just a little - the important thing to know is that it's in some geometric style that only just peeks at how long it is. And it is long. The next being that rectangular face of hers. There's a sort of austere beauty to it. Her mouth isn't so much thin as it seems stretched, it's a bit wide. There are those arching brows of hers set under a high, though not terribly big, forehead. The only bit of softness are in the roundness of her nose and the slight wideness of her brown eyes ... and when she smiles and laughs. She has a birthmark directly under her left eye at a corner.

Lady Melisande dresses in neutral and earth tone colors. The bit of splash may be found with the occasional yellow mixed in a mostly white or mostly cream gown. A steely grey, or a greenish grey, threaded in between a brown attire. The material not overly flashy though expensive. She does, for special occasions,  dress in tree green silk gown or something soft and shiny and molten yellow. Colors that set well against her olive skin.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   

The young Lady Banik cuts an unbending figure. She seems immovable and implacable, not unapproachable but an ever-present figure who seems to know what she wants, as well as who she is. That isn't entirely true but is false in not the most obvious ways. Lady Melisande, for all her cleverness and growing mastery of the 'poker face', is mostly what you get. Especially if you've had the pleasure of actually managing to observe her without her knowledge (which isn't impossible no matter how she may act, after all, she isn't her mother ... no matter how she may act). She is serious. Anyone could see that. While that isn't always a first impression - given how she is with her best friend at times - that she is realistic tends to be. What people don't always seem to realize that Melisande is too. She's too too, too serious for how good and too realistic. Often to the point that it could be wondered if she has a romantic bone in her body. It's there - mounted under the layers and layers of practicality - but it isn't surprising that some may find it nonexistent.

She is a stickler for rules and code. This mixed with a lack of fancifulness makes her out to what she wants to be perceived as. An intelligent participant , if not active player, of court. Some might say that it's dumb not to fiddle about in court but Melisande has better things to do. Such as chase after the duchess be Ailla's ears and council. There's no doubt that she's a Banik: She is pushy and some might say manipulative. What is more, she is demanding more often through expectations and presence than words. It's quite possible that she does her mother proud in that. Melisnde certainly carries the expectations of her sole living parent and her House. It defines her (probably more than 'living her life for' Ailla does). It's who she is. She doesn't know how to be anything else and doesn't think on it either. Much.

Self-doubt is often for after an act and there is an almost arrogant (or some could even say naive) belief in her systems and rules. It allows her to forge forward, especially since her world and methods have never been challenged. She doesn't come off as naive but some could say that she is. As well as sheltered and innocent. In truth, Melisande is blinded by her own focus and customs. It isn't so much that she can't see the bigger picture as that she can't see it if it's outside her box.

Melisande is simplicity, wrapped around well-intended machinations that flow from a simpler than one would expect thought process. Take for example:  How Melisande is during a hunt is how Melisande is at court and how she is at her mother's house, and how she is with Ailla (except she laughs the most during the latter). They're all varying - often not drastic - shades of the same person. Sure in court, she plays shows a face at times but in truth in most of her life there are certain traits she applies to every situations. To cope and adapt, her mind needs to draw on similarities. For example, she sees a lot at court and even as the well-known friend of the Duchess, can be rather unassuming. Watchful and unnoticed are two traits she uses on the hunt. That's what she does, when unsettled, she draws and thrives on comparisons to dictate her actions. Her mind works to find them.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that for all that Melisande mothers Ailla, has no compunction about telling her off, and would be thoroughly baffled if Ailla tried to take care of her for a change ... the duchess is splendid for her. If one thinks that Melisande is uptight now, she would have been worse without Ailla.  Melisande's mother is more for customs than she is and Melisande strives to do her proud. Even Ailla is tolerated by the Lady because of the ailliance the two girls' friendship gives (and for the hopes of marriage). They are so opposite that they balance and bolster each other. With a sense of noblesse oblige Mel is a bit of a snob to the lower classes yet, for example, Ailla tempers that. And she always makes laugh. In an existence so entrenched in duty laughter is a necessity.

For all of her loyalty and honor, there once was a point  Melisande she might have allowed usurpers better fit to rule, in the misguided view that it was best for the people and for Ailla. Rumors often simmer in court and through out the kingdom that Melisande desires the duchy for herself. Likely fueled by the fact that she often chastises the duchess; though Melisande is typically discrete, it is a common enough occurrence. However, they never thought to test Melisande strongly enough and as time went on the position they were in only made the girls stronger and more inseparable.

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
She was fostered by the Voss and received much of the same education as the Lady Ailla (basically the same education as most ladies but with more expensive tutors). Mel was trained in all the arts and talents of a lady: reading, how to manage an estate (e.g., running a household, check on tenants,checking fiances), how to dress, politics, good manners, how to behave at court, etc. She has an ear for politics and it's mostly kept to the ground. Melisande's strength lies more in social (intrasocial, not intersocial) politics than in wars; however, as she grows older she learns more to better advise Ailla. She knows quite a lot about the customs of Cormont, the rules of court in Myrcia, and generally how to play the game. She isn't half as good as her mother but she is not bad, and seeks to improve.

Specifically, she's fair at hunting and a little more than that with a bow; she is a good (not fantastic, not terrific, more than fair) horsewoman; and is an excellent dancer. She has no head for embroidery. Melisande is far from pitiful with a thread; however, she's never done much with that proper hobby. In fact, her first lesson was very much a no-go. Someone was fiddling with a recorder and the rest they say is history. Instruments became a thing that was hers and that she enjoyed learning. She's excellent at the recorder , good with a flute, and is beginning to learn how to play an organ. However, her real passion is the bowed lyra.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
The eldest girl and child of five, Melisande was born into House Banik to three loving parents. All the expectations that carried was placed on her head the instant that she was born by the mother originally from that house. Despite this, she had a rather good childhood. She was a child of silent, almost shy, temperament. She barely had a rebellious bone in her body but she had quite a few mischievous ones. Ones that were encouraged strongly by her father. Unlike most relationships customary to Cormont's nobility, her father had some say (not a lot but more than most men) in her rearing and was allowed to spend as much time with her as he pleased. One of their favorite things was fishing - or well, more accurately he fished and she cheered eagerly as she was abysmal at it. It was just their thing and although her loved all her siblings (the next two by the time Mel was seven were daughters) they had a bond fostered through time, proximity, and easy laughter. He was the one who encouraged her mothers to allow her to pursue music over embroidery when she was fostered with the Voss family.

House Banik had been sworn to House Voss about a hundred years after the former's inception. At times, as customary in such a society, a young lady of the lesser house went to learn and serve as lady-in-waiting at the higher ranking household. However, only twice had one been fostered and kept well beyond the necessary age. The first time led to a marriage between a daughter of Voss and a daughter of Banik. And that's what everyone expected when Ailla and Melisande struck it out thicker than thieves.

The two girls were inseparable. Ailla sparked excitement and laughter in Melisande, and in extreme moments got her into more mischief and trouble than Mel's father would have ever imagined. Mel was the rational to both Ailla's temper and to her impulsiveness, and in turn the dulldrum that did her best to keep her tame. They were there for each other for the best of times and the worse of them. Ailla was the only one who didn't "encourage" that Mel cry when her father caught fever when the younger girl was almost ten. And she said nothing when she breathlessly heaved when one of her mother's died of a broken heart not soon after. Likewise, Mel was there for Ailla through all the heartaches the goddesses placed at her door.

Despite expectations of near everyone and pressure from her sole living parent, Melisande had no desire to marry Ailla. The two girls only had a bond of friendship. And in truth? Melisande had no desire for any female. She had 'crushes' one of them being on Ailla's elder sister - who was just an example of a woman. However, she had no desire to take any woman as wife (and less so to bed), let alone Ailla (least of all her best friend). She knew that her mother, heart broken, would see that as failure and Mel kept it to herself. Ailla being one of the very few people to figure it out and the only one brave enough to voice it (in private of course).

It wasn't hard to let people think that they would marry, eventually, when the fact that Mel's life became increasingly devoted to Ailla. This changed to double time when Ailla became duchess of Myrcia when Mel was twenty-one. The girls were close but this made them even closer.

Everyone has a past, some more interesting than others. You can write as much as you want so long as it gives a general idea of where they come from and what they've been through, things you might want to include are family, place of birth/home town, level of education and how it was gained, skills learnt/occupation if they've had one, anything you think happened to them that may be interesting. Basically an overview, however long or short of how they got to where they are today, how they got to be who they are today.

S A M P L E; taste test of your character.   
She would find Melisande in the courtyard. Mel had never planted anything in her life, she had never the time to discover if her thumb was green or black. And truth be told, she had never the inclination until recently; however, she had always had a fair mind for the culture of farming and when she paused to do so she appreciated the fruits of nature's labor.

Her height provided her with the perfect opportunity to lean in and smell a flower growing on  a branch without leaning in too much. "They've stayed on later this season." She stated when she heard movement and caught her friend out of the corner of her eye.

Melisande was as put-together as Ailla was flowing. Her long dark hair twisted back and the creme-grey of her gown close and demure on her slim figure. She moved calmly in opposition to Ailla's more sensuous movements. And her head tilted just enough to take her friend in. Mel surveyed Ailla briefly, her expression bordering on polite yet it stretched into a small smile quickly enough. "You hide your mood poorly."

This is where you write your sample, it should be for the character that you're applying, in third person, past tense. It can be about anything you like but should be a paragraph or two in length, it's simply to get an idea of how you write the character, a warm up, if you like.
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