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Author Topic: [Human] Jael  (Read 1926 times)


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[Human] Jael
« on: April 24, 2012, 09:38:49 AM »

28 | female
Human | Priestess
Ania Bukstein

P L A Y E R;
Timezone :  GMT -5
I agree that I am 18+:

B O D Y;  physical looks, traits, style of dress.
Jael stands a solid five feet, five inches, with an average build and a forgettable face. She has a mass of long brown hair that often frizzes and tangles if left uncared for, but serves a dual purpose in keeping herself invisible when need be. Typically, her hair is worn in a looping bun, held in place with pins and a thin gold ribbon. Her eyes are a crisp silver and more shrewd than welcoming, but she has learned how to express contentment with practice and now wears it like a mask, that consists of nothing more than a quirk of her lips. Her standard wardrobe consists of the fine robes of the temple, in dual shades of deep blues and greens to honor the Goddesses, Seifa and Chaix.

M I N D;  psyche, personality, general mentality.   
It has taken Jael a good many years to develop something near an extroverted personality, and even now it always seems false to her. She is a naturally quiet person, almost to the point of being shy. She doesn't often express her own emotions, nor does she feel qualified to put a name to them. The only thing she feels with certainty is a fierce devotion to Ailla, a kinship with Melisande, and a love of her Goddess. Every action she takes relates directly back to those three truths and very little is able to shake that loyalty from her. She takes it as her job to keep Ailla happy and safe, going above and beyond what is required of her as priestess and best friend, and taking on tasks that others may feel sully her reputation should they learn of them. All of this is done with a single-minded determination to keep what little is her own.

She finds others horrifyingly easy to manipulate, and realizes, in part, this is due to her latent magical talents that she cultivated in her years at the temple. The simple abilities to subtly alter an emotion in her favor has gained her more knowledge than any other skill she possesses.

S K I L L S;  talents, powers, magics.   
Jael would not call herself a thief if asked, but she is aware that what she does toes that definition close. She is quick and flexible, finding it easier to scale a building than hold a political conversation, or offering advice. She has some minor magical talents that she has learned at the temple during her training, simple tricks to ease the minds of the suffering who come seeking solace, and more flashier actions that are meant for rituals and diversions. But she is not powerful.

H I S T O R Y; times that made them, that broke them.   
Jael never knew her parents. Her mother, as she understood it, was a priestess with a natural flair for magic and an easy, kind smile. But she was not good with rules. Her pregnancy was a scandal kept quiet, and Jael, when she came quietly and unburdened into the world, was never going to learn these things from her mother. She never pressed for what happened, but she was good at finding the things hinted at in the unspoken phrases and disturbed looks lobbed above her head.

She grew up within the walls of the temple, loved and looked after by the priests and priestesses as if it was a common occurrence to raise a child. Her demeanor was far too serious, careful about everything in life, including the words she spoke.

Until she was introduced to Ailla Voss.

Ailla became her world. Her dearest and only friend, and she found herself feeling petty and jealous of others wishing to befriend her as well. It took time to twist that jealousy into something usable, something with force and purpose and when Ailla began to voice her concerns aloud, Jael jumped on the opportunity to find and fix whatever it was that diplomacy alone could not. She stole, listened and broke vows she'd sworn to, to defend her friend and keep her safe, even at the risk of her own safety, something she is frequently chastised for.

Temple life was simpler for it, and the skills she gained through subterfuge were employed with regularity when a patron of the temple sought council and sanctuary. She never received higher praise from her elders until she began to lead two different lives. She has yet to find reasons to regret her decisions.

S A M P L E; taste test of your character.   
The wind brushed her face, twisting her hair across her nose and lips and blocking her view of the street beyond. Jael hugged tight to the shadows, rolling her shoulders and settling into a low crouch. The sun was barely beginning to crest the hills beyond the city and she knew she only had a manner of minutes before the other priestesses realized she was not in her bed where she belonged.

Her breath hung in a fine mist before her in the chilly morning air. She doubted anyone noticed anything odd about her. Her manner of dress and appearance spoke of poverty and begging, someone not to be trifled with or bothered over unless she spoke out of turn and asked for aid. Jael had no intention of bothering any of the early morning travelers and merchants. They had enough troubles without her burdening them to keep with this charade. She longed for a long, warm bath. Washing away the stink of bog and sweat and Goddess knew what else would be a blessing, but she was beginning to doubt she would have time to do more than perfume her body to mask the smell and hope Mother Lianna would not be in residence that morning.

The lull in foot traffic of the small alley was as good as she was going to get it and she bolted across the street, scrambling up the twining ivy that grew up the temple walls and slipping in the lowest window and tumbling onto her bed and landed on top of something hard and warm.

Or rather, someone.

Truly, the Goddesses were not with her that morning.

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