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The species I want to play isn't listed, may I still apply with it?

Mostly, yes, it may require more information than one of the listed and you will be expected to fill out the species information form so that it can be added to the game. However you may wish to bear in mind that no overly powerful species will be allowed, or any that break the setting.

What about angels, demons, other religious real world species?

I hate to give so many wishy-washy answers, but it depends. On the portrayal, the intent, and the ability for the player to integrate these notions and ideas into this world without dragging real world religions into places they don't, honestly, belong.

The species I want to play is listed, but I've another interpretation I'd prefer to use, may I?

It really depends on how and why it is different, but usually this is fine, too. Same rules apply as if it were a new species in that you need to fill out the species form if it's accepted and provide more detail, if it's very far from the original species you may wish to simply choose to create an original species.

What is Erilea? Is it the Kingdom? The continent? What?

Erilea is the common name used for the entire world, or at least the known world as the large continent and the smaller one and islands know it. It's more or less the equivalent of how the world we live on is called "Earth" except I didn't name Erilea after dirt and landmasses.

If Myrica isn't the capitol, and most nobles would go visiting there why bother listing them all?

Even though I don't intend this game to revolve mostly around the goings on of the nobility, Myrica is the biggest port in Cormont, the former capitol and the seat of power second only to the actual capitol. there is also always the chance the game will become large enough to be able to sustain activity in more than one large location, at which time knowing nobles, who likely conduct trade and commerce through Myrica anyway, as well as their locations, lands, history may well come in handy.

There are places on the site where the information isn't fleshed out fully or in some cases, not finished at all, why open?

The important thing to remember about roleplaying sites set in original settings, is that sometimes world building is easier done as it goes. Though I attempt to give as much information as I can, it would take years to fully flesh out a world before going public with it, as it were, and I simply don't feel that level is necessary, as it should develop naturally provided there is a willingness to let it do so. So while I'll try to write information for everything and it's mother, it may not be there in the beginning though things will be constantly added.

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