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Account Rules

  1. By joining you agree that you are at least eighteen years of age, people found to be younger than such will be banned.
  2. Please register with a player name, not a character name. Erilea has subaccounts, which you will then use for characters.

Member Conduct

  1. Follow the wishes of the players you are with when it involves or harms their character, which means if you wish to grab, fight with, harm, form some kind of relationship or any other important contact, you must have permission of the player. If a player doesn’t like what you did to their character, they may ask you to modify it.
  2. Respect is another key element of things here at Erilea, it helps to build and maintain player relationships and so gives the roleplaying side of things a stronger foundation on which to build. In addition, it keeps unwanted OOC drama out of the site. This does not mean you need to be best friends with everyone, it means you need to remember that there are people on the other side of the screen names and as people they deserve respect and the right to have fun and relax. If you genuinely cannot get along with someone for one reason or another, it is better to be polite and ignore them OOC when you can and IC if necessary or bring it up in private to a member of staff.
  3. Do not flame, troll or attack people.
    1. We do not discriminate against race/gender/political affiliation/creed/sexual preferences and such things here, though there are a few select things we do not allow on our site specifically and some things simply not for their illegal nature.
  4. The obvious rule of no power playing/meta gaming/godmodding without express permission to do so also applies here at Erilea as a matter of respect toward your fellow members.
  5. Inactivity of more than a week should be warned about if at all possible, real life > rp of course but dropping a quick line is much appriciated.
  6. If you feel you are being harassed, you are encouraged to contact a staff member. In fact, if you find yourself having any difficulties you are encouraged to privately contact a staff member and let them know what you need/what’s going on, we are more than happy to help our members as much as we are able.

Characters, Roleplay & Content

  1. Play bys, PB’s or character art/pictures is allowed, but optional. You may use celebrities, art or whatever you feel that is appropriate. If using a celebrity, please add it to the taken list.
  2. If using art that is not in the public domain or not your own, it is preferable to have their permission if you know who they are. Using “Official” sources such as films, TV shows and their ilk is allowed without permission.
  3. This is an intermediate to advanced site, though we have no word limit it is expected that you post enough for your fellow roleplayers to reply to easily. It is also expected that you have decent spelling and grammar, though it need not be perfect.
  4. We allow content of a mature nature, such as swearing, smut, violence and other adult themes, which is why we ask that all members be of at least eighteen years of age (as opposed to us thinking roleplayers under eighteen are immature, we know they often aren’t). Though this doesn’t mean that this is all that will be contained within the game. There are two things we currently restrict, that is played out child molestation/age play and bestiality (human and animal sex, doesn’t apply for shapeshifters or other sentient half beings unless they are in their full animal form).
  5. When a thread has mature content, please mark it as so in case someone wants to pass it by.  Preferably, at the top or in the title of the post.
  6. Don’t make absolutely perfect characters, weaknesses are your friend, as strange as it may seem. Characters with depth, flaws and imperfections are often far more interesting than anyone who is portrayed as perfect. At the same time, try not to make characters with tragic pasts simply to get them pity. If they have a traumatic past, the consequences of such a past should not be taken lightly and should effect the psychology/thinking/being of the character to some degree.
  7. We prefer storybook format, aka third person, past tense for in character posts. There should be no txt/chat speak, l33t speak. The majority should be in “proper” English instead.

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