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Name: Elves
Origin: Stories say that the elves were created by the Gods as one of their first beings, and they have lived on Erilea ever sense.
Physical Characteristics: Usually tall, lithe beings, though strong in their way still have less strength behind them than other species. Typically their hair is kept long, and can come in any "normal" colour, as well as white. Their skin, likewise can be any normal shade from very dark to very pale and everything in between and varies depending on the region from which the elves come. Underground elves. They are classically considered attractive, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They often have rather sharp features and slightly pointed ears.
Behavioural Characteristics: Generally externally calm, contemplative, elves are known for their ability to be silent, quieter than the wind and can often escape notice unless they want to be seen in nature or crowded settings.
Life Expectancy: Upwards of several centuries, there are elves over a thousand years old.
Habitat: Elves can be found all throughout Erilea, in many different climates and regions, from the sea to the mountains, the desert, even the underground.
Cross-breeding Ability: Can breed with most humanoid or fey creatures, though they are not the most strongly fertile species.
General History: One of the first species to be born, elves were granted a strong sense of curiosity to learn and explore and spread over the lands, making
Magical Ability: They have a strong magical ability with extra adeptness at telepathy and mind magic's as well as nature based magic's, often most strongly with those elements that are most connected to the lands of their ancestors, i.e. an Elf that lived by the sea, or whose people came from by the sea may have the strongest connection to water rather than fire, or the other's.
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